TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps commonly referred to as “TSCM”, “Debugging“, “Bug Sweeps“, Technical Surveillance of Counter Measures, or Countersurveillance are conducted in your suspect areas prior to sensitive meetings. Our TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps service includes searching physically and electronically for all major types of audio and video transmitters. 

Spy Device Locations

Eavesdropping detection will involve searching residences, vehicles, offices, and many other locations. Furthermore, technicians can also use their skill to discover monitoring methods in software such as computers and smartphones. These are just a few examples of the many different places a listening device can be found.

Victims of Spy Devices

There are a multitude of reasons individuals and organizations could be subject to exploitations by monitoring devices. Businesses are sometimes found to be involved in corporate espionage: obtaining valuable company information from competitors. People are also occasionally the victim of spying for reasons such as personal disputes or unjustly retribution. Thankfully, with TSCM, the victims of eavesdropping devices have recourse.

Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of devices and methods unsavory people can use to spy on individuals. Getting a glimpse or an idea of these devices/ methods will make it apparent the sophistication of the equipment and skill needed to counter these monitoring devices. The methods of spying can be,

Hacking a computer for obtaining audio and video

Modifying phone systems for “room monitoring”

Inserting hidden monitoring apps in a phone

Hiding microphones

Hiding video recording devices

Wiretapping of phone lines

Infrared transmitters

Radio frequency video cameras

Wired CCTV Cameras

Contact microphones

Magnetic tape recorders

Wire microphones

Internal inductive telephone taps

PBX hard-wire taps

Accidental wiring vulnerabilities

Inert frequency transmitters

Radio Frequency telephone transmitters

Frequency hopping transmitters

Spread spectrum transmitters

Carrier current transmitters

Telephone infinity transmitters

We are your security solution for discovering eavesdropping and espionage activities in your organization before your secrets and plans are used against you. Praetorian Corporation utilizes the most sophisticated, highest grade cutting edge technologies when conducting TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps. Our equipment has the ability to receive and demodulate “Free Space” frequency transmissions from telecommunications equipment, wired/wireless cameras and frequencies through the spectrum.