Brand Protection by Praetorian Corporation

Praetorian Corporation provides our clients with brand protection strategies and programs which include market monitoring through physical and online market surveys and inspections, copyrights and trademark investigations by conducting background checks on trademark registrants and field investigations on trademark use, non-use investigations, anti-counterfeiting and parallel trading investigations, as well as training with law enforcement agencies.

Our investigators typically conduct discreet enquiries with the trademark registrant focused on use of trademark as well as market surveys throughout the country to determine the use or non-use of the trademark.

Our reports are instrumental for our clients, trademark owners or law firms assigned to cancel the infringing trademark registration.

We provides market surveys, product sampling and market inspections on intellectual property infringements such as application for similar trademarks, infringing online use of trademark, presence of counterfeit, tampered, contraband or parallel imported products on the markets.

We investigators conduct monitoring and collect evidence using a proper chain of custody for evidential purposes. The products can be purchased for further laboratory testing. Market inspections are also conducted to identify fake stores, infringing signage or infringing trademark use.

Trademark Use Investigations is when you suspect an infringement on the use of their trademark, our investigators will investigate by conducting field enquiries, market inspections and desktop searches to document and collect evidence on the illegal use of the trademark or brand.

Our investigators conduct investigations to understand the supply chain and to identify wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. These investigations are conducted through desktop searches, background checks, intelligence gathering, discreet approaches and surveillance. These inquiries can be also conducted to understand the source or parallel import or parallel export products.

The original authorship appearing on a website may be protected by copyright. This includes writings, artwork, photographs, and other forms of authorship protected by copyright.

Our copyright infringement monitoring system constantly crawls the web and reports back when someone uses one of your assets – from anywhere around the world.