Personal protection services for private, corporate and government clients

Personal protection asks for highly skilled and dedicated specialists as it can literally mean the difference between life and death

Our bodyguards have served in specialised military and police units and have years of experience with protecting people around the world in often challenging circumstances. 

We strive for absolute perfection and quality when it comes to the protection of our clients. 

Your safety is our priority. We use a proven system to protect what you value. 

First, our skilled specialists thoroughly analyse and assess your situation. They go through great lengths with their investigations to know what is needed for your protection.

We give clear and honest advice. The feasibility and success of your protection completely depends on providing the right solutions. 

When protective services are needed and you want us to provide it, the next step will be the preparation and execution of the task. 

After the preparations, our officer(s) or team will arrive on your location.

First they do extensive research. They need to get acquainted with all personal and local matters that influence your safety.

The officers will meet you (and your family, staff or anyone involved in the process) and present the team and the plan.
We know from experience that having protective services is not to be taken lightly. Especially when your family and maybe children are involved.
Our team will take the time to explain everything to everyone. They are open for all questions and doubts.

Then, the actual protection, with all its measures and means, starts.

Of course, this is a rough average of how things go. Our services are always tailored to the specific situation and to your needs and wishes.